Consumer Returns Management 2017

October 03 - 05, 2017

Hutton Hotel, Nashville, TN

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  • Consumer Returns Attendee List 2016Consumer Returns Attendee List 2016
    Who will you be networking with this fall at Consumer Returns? Check out the attendee list for all the info!
  • Consumer Returns: The 2017 DirectorConsumer Returns: The 2017 Director's Report
    For many companies, the reverse logistics and returns management process has been an obtrusive cost center. With little visibility in the supply chain, it was unclear which products were in the pipeline, uncertain whether they should be in the reverse channel at all, and unknown if they should be repaired, repackaged, restocked, recycled, or disposed of.

    This lack of transparency created backlogs and complexities that hurt both the retailer's and OEM's bottom line.

    With the rate of returns growing, companies are realizing the opportunity to better manage the reverse supply chain to yield maximum recovery. 

    Learn more on the challenges returns are facing and the opportunities for the future in our latest report! Click on the banner to the left to download. 

Reports & StudiesReports & Studies

  • Reducing the Rate of Returns By Mastering the Reverse Supply ChainReducing the Rate of Returns By Mastering the Reverse Supply Chain
    By optimizing the supply chain, return management professionals endeavor to save millions for their companies by streamlining the process for them selves and simplifying the same for consumers. This report answers the question we should be asking, How Can We Manage the Full Product Lifecycle?

    It examines the following key challenges in this industry:
    • Managing Omni-Channel Returns
    • Improving the Out-of-Box Customer Experience to Reduce Returns
    • Tracking the Full Product Lifecycle

    Click on the image to download the report now!


  • The Directors Report on Consumer ReturnsThe Directors Report on Consumer Returns
    As the number of product returns has continued to grow, organizations have sought to cut costs associated with those returns by improving the out-of-the-box consumer experience while also streamlining those supply chains.

    The Director's Report will explore some of the major forces driving reverse supply chain innovation and preview how the upcoming Consumer Returns event will help customer care and supply chain executives from across the country answer their most burning questions.

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  • Inventory Management TechniquesInventory Management Techniques
    Open Source Inventory Management and Reducing the Threat of Inventory Shrinkage
  • Inventory Control MethodsInventory Control Methods
    Determining New Inventory Control Methods
  • Value Chain AnalysisValue Chain Analysis
  • Perpetual Inventory SystemPerpetual Inventory System
    A System That Can Handle Your Inventory Needs
  • Vendor Managed Inventory Vendor Managed Inventory
    WMS Software and Best Third Party Practices
  • Asset Recovery SolutionsAsset Recovery Solutions
    Strengthening Your Bottom Line With Superior Solutions
  • Asset TrackerAsset Tracker
    Using the Right Solution to Better Keep Track of Your Inventory