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Reducing Returns, Preventing Fraud, Unleashing Profitability

Within the past year alone, the reported total merchandise returns went up from $351 billion to $369 billion, and an estimated $24 billion was lost to return fraud and abuse.

Is your reverse logistics organization ready to tackle increasing returns volumes and skyrocketing operational costs?

Consumer Returns is the only peer-led forum for returns management leaders from top retailers, brands, and remanufacturers whose main goal is to drive revenue through improved post-purchase customer experience, reverse logistics optimization, and fraud prevention. You’ll leave the event with the insights and tools you need to future-proof your returns management strategy and gain an army of loyal customers.

“Very valuable networking events with insightful presentations. There are a ton of opportunities to learn and network at Consumer Returns."

"We will be back next year and bring more people from our organization. The experience was very helpful!"


“The cross-industry perspectives really got me thinking creatively about returns. Whether you’re a brand, retailer, or reseller, you’ll find what you’re looking for!”

Our Speakers. Your Visionaries.

Be inspired by our hand-picked leaders from the world’s largest brands and retailers who have reverse logistics and returns prevention figured out. Our revolutionary speakers will share their tried and tested tips so you’ll leave Consumer Returns with proven strategies to prevent fraud and reduce costs.

Irene Quarshie

Vice President, Global Supply Chain & Logistics
Target Corporation
Retailers Only Networking Meetup

Tom Maher

Senior Vice President Global Service Parts
Dell Technologies
Machine Learning in Reverse Logistics

Larry Maye

Director of Global Reverse Logistics
Best Practices In Asset Recovery & Product Refurbishment

Rich Bulger

Director of Reverse Logistics
Product Returns – Moving to a Desired Outcome

Roman Sobieri

Head of Global Shipping
Delivering an Out-of-Box Experience

Michael McKinney

Senior Divisional Asset Protection Leader
Rite Aid Corporation
Retail Shrinkage Prevention

Ryan Moss

Business Development Manager
Amazon Renewed
Your New Channel for Refurbished, Pre-Owned Inventory

Sharon Shu

Director of Product Management, Reverse Logistics and Backroom Operations
Sam's Club
Reducing the Costs of Returns

Your Agenda At A Glance

Day 1: October 21, 2019

  • KEYNOTE: The New Retail – The “3-Headed Monster”, and Why You Need All 3 Heads!
  • KEYNOTE: Product Returns – Moving from Necessary Evil to Desired Outcome
  • Panel Interactive: Reducing the Costs of Returns
  • PANEL: Revitalizing Your Surplus Retail Inventory
  • KEYNOTE: The Anatomy of an Unboxing Experience and Returns Prevention
  • PANEL: Delivering An Out-Of-Box Experience That Goes Beyond The Product
  • TRACK A: Omnichannel Retail & Returns
  • TRACK B: Electronics in the Secondary Market
  • TRACK C: Fashion & Apparel
  • TRACK D: Networking Meetups
  • KEYNOTE: Global Returns and International Reverse Logistics Interactive Roundtable Discussions
  • Case Study: Cost-Saving Practices In Returns Management
  • Welcome Networking Cocktail Reception

Day 2: October 22, 2019

  • Breakfast VIP Think Tank – Retail and Manufacturing Leadership
  • SLIDO Q&A: Brand Protection in Secondary Markets
  • PANEL: Control Over Secondary Market Distribution – Avoiding the Risks of Improper Merchandise Disposal
  • INVESTIGATIVE Case Study: Understanding Gift and Credit Card Fraud and Investigative Process
  • PANEL: Combating Return Fraud and Counterfeit Scams
  • Panel Interactive: Combating Return Fraud and Counterfeit Scams
  • KEYNOTE: Turning Returns Into Positive Customer Experience
  • KEYNOTE: The Business Case for Customer-Centric Returns
  • TRACK A: Retailers & Manufacturers: Partnerships That Work
  • TRACK B: Returned Merchandise Recovery Maximization
  • TRACK C: Responsible Supply Chain
  • TRACK D: Networking Meetups
  • Speaker Faculty Meet & Greet

Day 3: October 23, 2019

  • KEYNOTE: Machine Learning in Reverse Logistics
  • KEYNOTE: Preventing Loopholes in Reverse Logistics With The Help of Technology
  • PANEL: Unexpected Benefits of Product Returns and Trade-In Programs
  • KEYNOTE: Amazon Renewed - The New Channel for Refurbished, Pre-Owned and Open-Box Inventory
  • KEYNOTE: Recovering the Cost of Warranty on Returned Products
  • MARKET RESEARCH KEYNOTE: 5G Technology and Opportunities for Complex Value Chains
  • Grab & Go Lunch and Conclusion of Consumer Returns 2019

Why Attend Consumer Returns?

The Only Peer-Led Returns Management Conference Bringing Together Retailers and Remanufacturers

Get in the same room with the other side - we're bringing together top retailers and resellers. You'll forge lasting partnerships with the right companies that will save you tons of time and money. Your team will thank you!

Not Just for Consumer Electronics - Learn from EVERY Vertical

If you're managing your company's returns, this is the event for you, no matter your industry. Tap into the collective knowledge of more than a dozen industry verticals and leave with fresh perspectives and new strategies.

The Most Interactive and Energizing Returns Management Conference

This year, we're adding even more interactive sessions so you'll leave with the most information and have more "aha!" moments. From Women in Reverse Logistics to Networking Meetups, and Speaker Faculty Meet & Greets, there's something for everyone!

Who Attends Consumer Returns?

Consumer Returns is for motivated leaders of Supply Chain and Distribution, Reverse Logistics, Returns, and Loss Prevention, looking to optimize their reverse supply chain. Whatever your industry, from Consumer Electronics to Consumer Packaged Goods, Fashion and Apparel, Furniture and Appliance, or Food and Drug, Consumer Returns is the reverse logistics conference for you.

Experience Consumer Returns

Each year, we curate new onsite experiences to enhance your relationships and spark innovation. Click through the events below to learn more about what’s in store for you this year at Consumer Returns.

Bring the Team

Brands are sending teams to Consumer Returns to develop integrated strategies to increase profits and reduce fraud.



See Into The Future of Reverse Logistics

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Collaborate On-Site For Total Strategic Alignment

Equip Your Team With Strategies For 2020 And Beyond

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