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Leveraging Returns Data to Improve the Customer Experience

Retailers are collecting large amounts of data from consumer returns, but how are they leveraging it to improve their business? As they continue to grapple with omnichannel purchases, retailers are applying analytics and identifying trends to learn how their products are performing across channels. In this report, discover how returns data strategies help retailers improve customer engagement and long-term business value.

Retail Returns and the Consumer Experience: Leveraging Returns as a Competitive Advantage

The holidays are the busiest season of the year for many retailers but returns should still be top of mind even after the tinsel has been packed away. We surveyed over 600 US consumers about their experiences and preferences on return policies and processes to gauge shopper’s attitudes towards returns. Our findings on holiday season returns, the prevalence of flexible (or inflexible) return policies, and their influence on customer loyalty will help retailers understand the impact of this often overlooked element of the retail experience.

Reducing the Rate of Returns By Mastering the Reverse Supply Chain

By optimizing the supply chain, return management professionals endeavor to save millions for their companies by streamlining the process for them selves and simplifying the same for consumers. This report answers the question we should be asking, How Can We Manage the Full Product Lifecycle? It examines the following key challenges in this industry:Managing Omni-Channel ReturnsImproving the Out-of-Box Customer Experience to Reduce ReturnsTracking the Full Product Lifecycle Click on the image to download the report now!

Inventory Management Techniques

Open Source Inventory Management and Reducing the Threat of Inventory Shrinkage

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Using the Right Solution to Better Keep Track of Your Inventory

Infographic: Turn Your Returns into Returning Customers

Are you maximizing the opportunity to turn returns into greater profit and customer satisfaction? WBR Digital partnered with Newgistics to conduct a survey of 100 leaders in online retail to find out how well they’re managing returns. The results might surprise you.

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