Consumer Returns Management 2019

October 21 - 23, 2019

Hyatt Regency Austin, TX

Ray Doustdar, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at BUICED

Ray Doustdar

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Day 1: Returns Prevention & Cost Reduction in the Age of E-Commerce

8:20 AM Keynote: The New Retail - The “3-Headed Monster, And Why You Need All 3 Heads!"

Today’s “Purchase Landscape” is unlike anything this world has even seen, primarily because the Internet has created a new channel of distribution that allows you to “get whatever you want”, practically now "whenever you want" via your mobile device, and thus traditional shopping as we know is not dead, but it has evolved. The main question is, what is the right approach for your business? The common goal is having a holistic view and better understanding of what your customer really wants and selling them the product that they ask for, all while delivering enhanced shopping experience. This is a returns prevention formula that works, but what are the steps one needs to take in order to actually create an effective customer journey map?

Ray Doudstar, Founder and CEO of BUICED, a liquid multivitamin company, recently went from ZERO to WALMART, and he is here to share your story with you! He will help you understand the trials & tribulations that he has gone through – from to to Walmart – and the road he continues to navigate as he sets his sites on a global brand benefiting the health of consumers across the world!

Main session takeaways include:

-Putting your customer at the heart of your forward- and reverse logistics strategy
-Getting better visibility and understanding of your consumer segments (age, geography, etc.) through profiling and data analysis 
-Leveraging customers’ feedback about positive and negative experience to eliminate pain points and identify critical opportunity areas
-Deepening your internal stakeholders’ understanding of customer behaviours and experiences across multiple touchpoints in their journey

Day 2: New Dimensions in Customer Loyalty, Brand Protection and Risk Mitigation

3:20 PM Speaker Faculty Meet & Greet

Networking opportunity: Would you like to meet up with our speaker faculty members? 

This year, you have a chance to connect with our presenters in a casual, intimate setting perfect for sharing feedback on their presentations, bouncing back ideas on reverse logistics challenges and opportunities, and exchanging business cards!

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