Consumer Returns Management 2018

October 22-October 24, 2018

Sheraton Grand Nashville, TN

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ReverseLogix is a logistics software and services provider based in Silicon Valley. ReverseLogix offers a multi-tenant Software as a Service logistics enablement platform utilized by worldwide Retailers, ASP networks, OEMs, distributors and resellers.
This industry leading technology allows customers to manage and track the location, status and logical categorization of all items as they move throughout the supply chain. Reverselogix is the system of authoring for customers logistics needs- centralizing business rules, business logic and data and then providing extensible APIs to enterprise systems for retrieving and posting data to ReverseLogix. Key features include customer portals, analytics, reporting, consumer and bulk returns, RTVs, RMAs, dynamic config, stock, inventory, discrepancy, approvals, warranty and disposition management. The extensibility of the platform allows customers to move any item, anywhere and at any time-providing a level of flexibility, automation and visibility never before seen in a logistics enablement system.

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