Consumer Returns Management 2019

October 21 - 23, 2019

Hyatt Regency Austin, TX

Paul Baum, CEO & Founder at PlanITROI
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Paul Baum

CEO & Founder

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Day 1: Returns Prevention & Cost Reduction in the Age of E-Commerce

9:05 AM Panel Interactive: Reducing the Costs of Returns

With cost reduction being the top task on everyone’s to-do list, is it fair to say that you have fallen victim to manually-driven and ineffective return management processes? Are challenges such as the lack of visibility, poor forecasting and inaccurate accruals-claims recouping causing you a daily headache?  If so, join our expert panellists to hear about the key steps to:

-Avoiding hidden costs of reverse logistics 
-Achieving better performance and ROI on returned inventory through industry partnerships
-Minimizing labor and return shipping costs through automation and comprehensive solutions

9:45 AM Panel Interactive Working Groups: Reducing the Costs of Returns

Networking opportunity: Benchmark returns cost reduction best practices and pressing challenges in response to a question/challenge posed by the panel moderator.

11:40 AM Panel: Delivering An Out-Of-Box Experience That Goes Beyond The Product

Customer is King – this age-old mantra is at the heart of most business strategies and decisions. Forward-looking retailers and manufacturers heavily invest in the creation of improved out-of-box experiences for their consumers, as they understand that the combination of provided information, product tutorials and comprehensive instructions is the driving force behind educated purchasing decisions, customer satisfaction, and returns prevention. This panel discussion delves into:

•The power of try-before-you-buy programs and post-sale customer education
•Leveraging social media and content/email marketing to educate your consumer
•Linking your customer unboxing experience to the overall brand experience
•Importance of improving the ease of interaction between your company and the customer

Day 2: New Dimensions in Customer Loyalty, Brand Protection and Risk Mitigation

8:40 AM Panel: Control Over Secondary Market Distribution – Avoiding the Risks of Improper Merchandise Disposal

Whether your organization is large or small, achieving the goal of improved end-to-end returns processes and value recapturing is likely to be among your top priorities. But can you ensure that your returned inventory doesn’t end up on grey and black markets and damage your brand and relationship with the consumer? Our expert panelists will discuss best practices in:

-Turning returns into a revenue opportunity while minimizing brand damage risks associated with B-stock merchandise
-Identifying optimal, cost-effective and reliable channels for the returned inventory disposition 
-Processing returns quickly, intuitively and with minimal losses
-Effectively tracking returned merchandise as it moves throughout the reverse logistics lifecycle

10:20 AM Panel Interactive: Combating Return Fraud and Counterfeit Scams

The National Retail Federation 2018 Organized Retail Crime Survey exposed staggering numbers – for every $100 in returns, an estimated value of $5 (or 5%) is lost to return fraud. To put it in perspective, the U.S. retail industry loses over $18 billion to annual merchandise return fraud, with shoplifting, employee return fraud and fraudulent/stolen returns being the top three categories of retail abuse. Our expert panelists offer their take on offsetting the return fraud repercussions and discuss fraud prevention methodologies that have been proven to work:

-Best practices in protecting your brand and reputation from fraud returns and counterfeiting
-Top tactics in assessing returned inventory for potential fraud
-Leveraging technology to prevent retail return fraud and warranty abuse

11:00 AM Panel Interactive Working Groups: Combating Return Fraud and Counterfeit Scams

Networking opportunity: Discuss your pressing return fraud prevention challenges and possible solutions in a small group setting  in response to a question/challenge posed by the panel moderator.